Lepa candle Autumn collection

Autumn Crush

A pumpkin Lovers Dream. Imagine the warmest pumpkin pie fresh from the oven drizzled in caramel. Yes, it’s that’s good!



Top: Pumpkin

Middle: Caramel

Bottom: Maple

Lepa  Candle autumn collection

Chai Latte

You’ll be wrapped in warmth with notes of cinnamon, ginger, and Cardamom. You’ll savor this candle long after your chai latte runs out.



Top: Cinnamon

Middle: Cardamom

Bottom:  Ginger

Lepa  Candle autumn collection

Hulu and Chill

A scent on the sweeter side. Hulu and Chill is the perfect combination of sweet and subtle. First the bright notes of pear hit you then it’s the subtle notes of brandy and a touch of cinnamon that will have you hooked on this scent! 



Top: Cinnamom

Middle: Pear

Bottom: Brandy

Lepa  Candle autumn collection


A heavier scent with notes of oak and smoked wood made for lovers of the outdoors. The mahogany notes linger long after the candle is blown out. 




Top: Marshmallow

Middle: Oak