Melts are a great way to sample your favorite fragrances. (5 melts in each batch)


Our natural hand poured soy wax melts are a great way to sample all of our fragrances to help you decide which are your favorites.  After you find your perfect fragrances, then you can choose a vessel to fit your decor and order your melts with confidence.

Benefits of natural hand poured melts

Aromatic and Long lasting.  Melts have a more intense aroma as they heat up slowly.  Also as you do not directly burn wax melts, their fragrance oils are not destroyed while releasing their aroma.

More fragrance.  Melts don’t have a wick so we can really increase the percentage of fragrance which is one reason our melts are so very popular. They are very fragrant.  If you have a bigger space, just add more melts to increase the intensity.  They come in heart and round shapes.

Easy to store.  They are small and lightweight. This makes them easy to store and get out of plain sight.

Environmentally friendly.  You do not have to burn a wick in order to release the fragrance into the air. This makes for no soot. The wax is brought to its melting point by the wax warmer.  It burns clean unlike the paraffin wax used in scented candles.  There are no toxins causing harmful side effects, asthmatic triggers or allergic reactions.

Wax warmers come in many different styles that will fit any home decor.  The electric wax warmer is a great way to fragrance your home without the use of a flame.  Perfect for your apartment or office.


Strong enough to destroy stress but sage enough to replace it with peace.  Smelling this candle is the closest you will get to an at home spa and the furthest from your workday even if your office is at home.

Notes | Top: Lemon, Valencia Orange, Pink Grapefruit | Middle: Dandelion fluff, green sweet grass, white lilies | Bottom: Orange flower, violet leaves, soft musk

Olivia Pope

I like my friends like I like my candles.  Unapologetic, sophisticated, with a little bit of a sweet side.  For when you are lighting wicks and taking names.

Notes: Top: Brown Sugar | Middle: Fig | Bottom: Sweet Pear


Dim the lights, pour the wine, and pull out your favorite vinyl.  This is the candle for that little black dress and big date night.   This fragrance is almost as irresistible as you.

Notes: Top: Mandarin and bergamot | Middle: Orange enhanced by hints of peach and berries | Bottom: Musk


This one is for the fashion icon in your life.  The one that can get on any VIP list but will bail on even the best night out to hang with you.  This fragrance is warm and consistent like your room’s best friend..

Notes: Top: Toasted Coconut | Middle: Spiced caramel | Bottom: Sugar, creamed vanilla bean

Poison Ivy

For those nights when you have such good reasons to be bad.  Light this up and save the planet and be back for happy hour.

Notes: Top: Citrus | Middle: Lavender, floral, and violet | Bottom: Moss and Musk

Elle Woods

Wanna go to Harvard…sure?  Send a flirty text to you know who… why not?  This world is yours.  Play your favorite songs and hit up your bestie

Notes:  Top: Fiery pomegranate, rare French peach, and Luminous apple | Middle: Red Peony, night marigold, rose Osman thus | Bottom: Rich Vanilla rum, velvety marshmallow, and oak wood

Welcome Home

Laundry? Done. Dishwasher? Loaded.  With notes of grapefruit, jasmine, and vanilla floating in your home you are sure to get the so fresh and so clean feeling.

Notes | Top: Peach Bellini and Citrus | Middle: Mint | Bottom: Dew Drops


This sweet bus strong scent is anything but subtle.  With notes of pine, lemon, and rasberry it’s like Christmas in a candle.


Top: Pine | Middle: Lemon | Bottom: Rasberry

Slay Bells

The perfect scent to pair with a dazzling New Year’s outfit

Notes | Top: Peonies | Middle: Almond Cream | Bottom: Musk

Sugar Plum

Sugar, spice, and champagne flights  Be the star of the holiday party when you ligth this luxurious fragrance.

Notes: Top: Plum | Middle: Black Cherry and Amber | Bottom: Musk

Winter White

The next best thing to walking in a winter wonderland!  Fool all your guest with the aroma of a real Christmas tree this season.

Notes: Top: Pine | Bottom: Fresh cut Fir Tree

We use supplies from the numerous companies including: Wooden WickAztecDream Vessels, and Candle Science. 


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Aphrodite, Cashmere, Dion, Elle Woods, Oliva Pope, Poison Ivey, Slay Bells, Storm, Sugar Plum, Winter White


Heart, Round